Goals & Habits. Habits & Goals.

You have big goals.

You’ve tried “everything.”

Yet you feel stuck and frustrated.

Good news!

This is precisely why The Habit Factor® exists.

In fact, 15+ years later it’s precisely why The Pressure Paradox™ and EVEYTHING is a F*cking STORY also exist. (pardon the language)


15+ years of research, unintentionally pioneering breakthroughs that have turned into practical, applicable insights for goal achievement and personal transformation.

In short, this is why the Habits 2 Goals podcast exists.

Here’s some background:

WELCOME message here…


To say I sucked at goal achievement would be inaccurate.

I seriously sucked at goal achievement! ; )

These days though, I’m still mildly shocked to find…

  1. I teach these methods to expert coaches and executives in nearly every discipline around the world at some of the best institutions and companies.

  2. Ph. D.s including Psychiatrists and Psychologists, share these methods with their clients.

  3. People who claim to have read hundreds of personal development books, praise this SIMPLE, powerful method as something they’d never read or heard of before.

At this point, the word is out… after all, it is 15+ years later.

I continue to teach The Habit Factor® method to companies and individuals worldwide.


Because it works.

If you feel stuck, lack motivation, or feel like you’re “in a rut,” you’ve come to the right place. (check that audio message above)

These ideas (books), tools/processes will move you more quickly to your most important goals and/or the personal transformation you seek – 
G U A R A N T E E D.

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If you’re interested in the books I’ve authored – the “Trilogy” – you can find it here.

A common question I’m asked is, “Which book should I start with?”

The order really doesn’t matter much.

The “crazy” thing is The Habit Factor® was written first.

Just choose a book/topic that is most pressing or interests you.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve?

The books:


Understanding how to think more effectively as it relates to your goals and ideals by taking inventory of all the stories you tell yourself.

The Habit Factor® = HABITS.

How to intentionally craft and align habits that support your most important goals.

The Pressure Paradox™ = PRESSURE. (Stress is a derivative of pressure.)

How to effectively use positive pressure to enhance your productivity, performance, and peace of mind.

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“Martin Grunburg was talking about habits like a decade before Atomic Habits, or any other recent best sellers. His view on habits is interesting, something science is catching up with. Take a listen.” [thehabitshabit.com podcast] ~ Brian Conroy