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It's Simple

It's Simple

Does complexity come from ignorance and self-delusion?

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It’s so simple…

“Everything is simple. Life is simple. Being is simple. The universe is simple. Complexity comes from ignorance and self-delusion.”
~ James Allen, All These Things Added

James Allen, in his thought-provoking work “All These Things Added,” declared, “Complexity comes from ignorance and self-delusion.”

While the allure of simplicity is undeniable, life isn’t a binary choice between basic and intricate.

Rather, it's a rich tapestry woven with threads of both.

Consider the game of chess. The rules are straightforward: move pieces, capture your opponent's king.

Yet, within this framework lies a universe of complexity.

Grandmasters navigate a labyrinth of strategies, anticipating their opponent’s moves countless steps ahead.

In chess, simplicity serves as a foundation for intricate possibilities, proving that complexity doesn't arise from ignorance, rather from a nuanced understanding.

Similarly, running a business is deceptively simple: sell a product, make a profit; repeat.

Beneath the surface though lies a complex web of factors – market conditions and trends, customer psychology, competition, etc. The successful entrepreneur thrives by embracing both the fundamental goal and the underlying complexities.

Life embodies this duality.

Breathing is a basic, it’s simple. Now, consider the intricate network – the central nervous system orchestrating the fundamental, automatic behavior.

We crave love, a basic human need, yet navigating the intricacies or romance and emotional intelligence with self-awareness can be complex.

The key lies not in choosing simplicity or complexity, but in recognizing the lens through which we view the world.

A child sees a flower and marvels at its beauty – a moment of pure, unadulterated simplicity. A botanist delves far deeper, appreciating the complex ecosystem that spawned the flower.

Both perspectives are “true” and “real.”

Life is a kaleidoscope – a mesmerizing spectrum of simple and complex.

Wisdom always appreciates both.


How to Intentionally develop habits and skills. It’s simple!



Follow P.A.R.R., the habit development framework first published in The Habit Factor® (2010).

**Plan, Act, Record, Reassess** PARR provides a repeatable, predictable and practical roadmap for transforming fleeting good intentions into ingrained habits and skills.

By **planning** acts of Aloha, whether it’s offering sincere compliments or volunteering your time, you establish a clear course of action.

Part of the plan is to identify the “Target Days” and “Minimum Success Criteria.” (learn more here)

**Acting** upon your plan bridges the gap between intention and action/behavior!

**Recording** your experiences (Habit Tracking) allows for self-efficacy, introspection and reinforces your intention.

Finally, **Reassessing** your actions/behaviors against your plan allows you to assess your progress and even “raise the bar” for your next 28-day habit tracking period. Following PARR is a proven way to increase Habitstrength™.

By repeating the P.A.R.R. habit tracking process for successive 28-Day tracking periods, the automaticity of any habit or skill increases.

Through this iterative, intentional approach to virtue, habit and skill creation following PARR, you’ll not only cultivate the spirit of Aloha, you’ll also master the art of developing any new habit and skill at will!

Aloha my friend! 🤙

Enjoy the show!


P.A.R.R., with its emphasis on planning, acting, recording, and reassessing, provides a powerful framework for translating intentions into lasting habits and increasing Habitstrength™.

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