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Luck II

Luck II

Determinism vs Free Will & Self Determination

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to become.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

For centuries, a philosophical debate has raged: Free will vs determinism.

Where do you stand?

Determinism says you have no free will, and that all actions and events are causally inevitable.

Free will suggests that you are a self-determining individual who can and should be accountable for your entire life and all actions that influence it.

Here, again, I suggest the MIDDLE PATH.

“Life is similar to a board game. It has rules, like the laws of physics that govern many outcomes; gravity, time, and space.

But there’s also chance and randomness, just like rolling the dice in Monopoly which influence and alter the outcome; it’s a mix of strategy and luck.

How comforting does “everything happens for a reason” sound when faced with tragedy?

Imagine a tsunami in Indonesia devastating entire communities, or an earthquake in Japan leaving a trail of destruction. Even a seemingly random event like a lightning-struck tree felling a neighbor in their sleep shatters that notion.

This comforting platitude is confusing and even painful for those grappling with senseless loss.

In legal terms, such unpredictable events are often called "Acts of God," acknowledging their seemingly inexplicable nature.

There is an entire TED talk here on little ways you might influence your luck.

The Three Circles of Behavior Echo System sheds light on how our environment shapes us. It includes both predictable and random events, some beyond our control (like natural disasters) and others we can influence (like our daily routines). This model emphasizes the environment's malleability; we can actively change it to support our goals.

Here's why this model is powerful for achieving goals and personal transformation. While new behaviors and skills are crucial, the environment and our mindset (stories) also need to be conducive to our goals.

This model elegantly avoids the extremes of self-determination vs. determinism. It acknowledges that external factors (like random events) can impact us, but it also emphasizes our power to shape our environment and influence our outcomes.

Consider these questions to explore your own “luck”:

Do you believe in luck?

Are you lucky?

How can you shift your perception of luck?

Do you need to rewrite your story about luck?

Enjoy the show!


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Enjoy the show!


From the world of statistics: All models are flawed, but some are useful.

We asked Google’s AI experiment Gemini to “break” the “3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System” behavior model.

The short story (no pun intended), is he/she/IT could not.

The best Gemini could offer: “What about people who aren’t aware of their unconscious stories/thinking?”

It’s a good question and a nice attempt. However, an unconscious story is still a story (represented within the model), and that is the point of the latest book, EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY where the latest version of the model was revealed.

BTW: You are invited to try and “break” the “3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System” behavior model as well.

If you think you can, please email or leave comments here.

*Note: ChatGPT’s does not know the model yet, officially published in October of 2022. GPT’s latest update is from January 2022.

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The Three Circles of Behavior Echo-System” / The Grunburg Behavior Model is a holistic, fluid, and dynamic behavior-change model. It’s the very first behavior-change model to demonstrate how our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and even our environment vibrate (echo and reverberate) to influence each other.

Hence, it’s an “Echo-System” not an eco-system. All prior behavior models represent human behavior in a linear-flow type diagram.

Background here.

If you’d like to understand human behavior at an even deeper level, learn more about the “Three Circles of Behavior Echo-System” which is featured in the book, “EVERYTHING!

I teach and coach organizations and executives and executive coaches worldwide how to best apply and leverage “The Three Circles of Behavior Echo-System” and the P.A.R.R. [Plan, Act, Record & Reassess] scientifically-backed methodology for individual and organizational behavior design.

Check out the latest cohort offering; the waitlist is now open: The 28-Day Breakthrough!

*Recently Awarded: “Finalist: Self-help, Motivation”
International Book Awards:

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