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Press Pause

Press Pause

Part of what makes you a human BEing is that you get to choose how to be.

The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through fire.” ~ Carl Jung

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What if a key difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person was how well they navigate life’s difficulties?

The fact is, nobody escapes life’s challenges.

Yet, we all know people who seem to complicate matters when things get tough.

They react rather than respond.

What’s the difference?

Animals, babies, and small children REACT.

Humans have the capacity to RESPOND.

By pausing, an emotionally mature adult can (more often than not), direct their response – tailor it – toward a desirable outcome.

Meanwhile, reacting often compounds problems.

Think of the people who seem to have drama follow them everywhere; work, home, events, relationships, etc.

The collective drama isn’t a random coincidence. Rather, it’s the source of compounding troubles; and constant reactions.

One poor reaction after another.

Jack Canfield offered an important formula in his “Success Principles” book:

E + R = O

Event + Response = Outcome

Responding is what emotionally mature adults do most of the time.

As human BEINGS, we get to choose how we’d like to BE (act).

You are the only creature in the world that can step outside of your “3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System,” assess and even design it.

Consider that for a moment. No other creature can do this.

Humans can ask:

Is my environment conducive for my goals?

Are my behaviors, habits and skills conducive for my goals?

Is my thinking – the stories running through my head – conducive for my goals?

That’s what the spotlight represents, your AWARENESS.

To access it, PRESS PAUSE.

Are you responding in a way that guides you through life’s challenges better — to help you toward your goals and ideals?

Or, are you reacting?

Maybe it’s time to press pause and begin responding more.

Enjoy the show!

The next 28-DAY BREAKTHROUGH! program begins 10/3/23!
Learn more here —» The 28-Day Breakthrough!

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Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg
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