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Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg
Put Your Mind Into It

Put Your Mind Into It

A different way to approach concentration

Most people just go through the motions…” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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I came across a Youtube short #youtubeshorts in which Arnold was pointing out that when most people lift weights they are just “going through the motions…”

Examine his statement more deeply.

It can be applied to everything.

Where do you find yourself “just going through the motions?”

If the difference in effective weight lifting is the powerful application of concentration – putting your mind into it – where else can this idea be applied?

Essentially, this is a different way to approach concentration and focus – “putting your mind into it.”

Next time you perform an important task, whether it’s accounting, writing, or lifting weights be sure to PUT YOUR MIND INTO IT!

Enjoy the show!

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Habits 2 Goals Premium
Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg
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