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“Serendipity is the art of finding things you are not looking for.” ~Horace Walpole

The Magic of Unexpected Discoveries

We recently covered LUCK II and Co-Creation.

Sometimes life’s greatest moments arrive when least expected. That’s the power of serendipity – the delightful surprise of stumbling upon something valuable while paying attention to something else.

Serendipity plays a huge part in one’s success; incredibly enough, there may be ways to increase its frequency.

How serendipity differs from luck:

  • Direction/Goals: Unlike luck, serendipity isn't entirely random. Having well-defined goals sets the stage for unexpected opportunities to coincide with your desires. Coincidences require coordinates. (Desire + Event).

  • Surprise! Serendipity’s beauty is surprise! Thus, after identifying a goal, detaching from it can be, well, surprisingly effective.

  • Networking: People tend to be the most effective conduits for serendipitous events. Surround yourself with new and diverse networks – explore various social and networking groups.

Imagine your goal (desire) as a single line.

Serendipity – the unexpected event – is the other line – that coincides with your desire.

Often, it’s the coincidence that propels you faster and further toward your goal.

Keep your goals in mind and embrace chance. You never know what delightful surprises await!

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Enjoy the show!


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Habits 2 Goals Premium
Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg
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